DEAE-Cellulose, the mean particle size of which is 100μm, are hydrophilic high polymers. The surface of the polymers is grafted with sugar macromolecules. So it has higher specific surface area and better bio-compatibility and maintains a high capacity under high flow rate. At the same time, the resolution is very good. Benefit from the high specific surface area, the equilibration and elution processes are very fast. The capacity remains unchanged when it is even used to purify super large molecular such as virus or plasmids after grafting.

This product has good physical and chemical stability, so it can be used in long term and is very convenient to use with stable capacity

Gel characteristics


High capacity, good resolution, high flow rate, convenient to use

Bead structure 

Diethyl amino ethyl
Ligand density
40μmol /ml
Absorption capacity
150mg HSA/ml
Particle size
Max. flow rate
pH working range
3-10,onsite cleaning:2-11
Chemical stability
Any buffer and salt.0.5M NaOH and acetic acid,8M urea,6Mguanidine hydrochloride, ethanol, isopropanol and so on.
Physical stability
0.1M neutral buffer,120℃30min
Storage temperature
Dry powder,1g=3-4ml