GEN-VIEW SCIENTIFIC INC. is a biotechnology company in development of products for the biomedical research market, focuses on the ongoing development and commercialization of novel research biochemicals, antibodies, plastic labwares and laboratory instruments, widely used in molecular biology, immunology, cell biology and bacteriobiology, and related research field.

Our vision is to make a difference in the laboratory research through our innovative products. We engage in being the best laboratory material supplier in the world. We’re keeping on providing state-of-art innovations and solutions tomorrow.
Our mission is to provide innovative, distinctive and high quality products and services that satisfy customers’ needs, to be recognized as a happy place to work..
GEN-VIEW SCIENTIFIC INC. has the highest commitment to quality and customer service, the team is consisting of employees with doctoral degree and master degree in biology molecular biology, immunology, cell biology and bacteriobiology, experienced in electrophoresis, sequencing, gene analysis, gene silence, Southern blot, Westerrn blot, ELISA, flow cytormery, cell culture, etc. please contact us if we can assist you in your research needs.
Good company governance benefits not only ourselves, but also partners and customers, and is essential to our long-term business success.