Prestained Protein Marker I


Description:Prestained Protein Marker I is a mixture of purified proteins covalently coupled to a dye that resolves to 10 bands when electrophoresed:170kD130kD95kD72kD55kD43kD34KD26KD17KD and 10kD. The reference band proteins of 72KD, 10KD are colored with orange and green dyes, while others are colored with blue dyes. It is designed for monitoring protein separation during SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis and used for testingand observing transfer efficiency of Western Blotting. The marker is supplied in gel loading buffer and is ready to use.

Ø Three color size standard (orange, green and blue)
Ø Distinguishable protein bands. Ready to use
Ø Broad range size estimation(10KD—170KD)
Ø High concentration, less dosage for each time
Ø No change after transmembrane
Ø Thaw the marker at room temperature or on ice to dissolve. Don’t boil!
Ø Load directly after briefly centrifuged.
Ø Add 4-6µl per well for mini-gel. Add 8-12µl per well for full length-gel.
 Store at -20 for one year. Recommend for dividing into small portions to avoid repeatedly freezing/thawing and make it more stable.
Ø The marker is used for analysis 10-170KD protein samples. Recommend for 8-12% SDS-PAGE.
Ø  Prestained Proteinshave different mobility in various SDS-PAGE buffer systems. The markerⅠsupplied is in Tris-Glycine buffer.