CM Sepharose CL -6B


CM Sepharose CL -6B is a weak cation exchanger with excellent flow properties and high capacity for proteins of all pI values. The ion exchange group is a carboxyl methyl group which remains charged and maintains consistently high capacity over the entire working range, pH6-12.

Table:Medium characteristics

Type of ion exchanger: Weak cation

Total ionic capacity

0.10-0.14mM H+

Available capacity

IgG(MW 16000) 9.5mg/ml(Bovine)

Bovine COHb (MW69000) 75mg/ml

Ribonuclease(MW 137000) 120mg/ml

Bead structure

6% cross-linked agarose

Bead size range


Mean particle size


Max. linear flow rate

150cm/h at25℃,HR16/10 column,5cmbed height

pH working range


Chemical stability

Long term:3-12;Onsite cleaning:2-14

Physical stability

All commonly used aqueous buffers: 1.0M acetic acid,1.0M Na0H, 8M urea,8M guanidine hydrochloride, ethanol, methanol et al.