1.8ml freezing tube- Extorsion screw cap

Detailed Product Description

1.    Product number:GV-SCT-180-SSO-Y,GV-SCT-180-SSO-R,GV-SCT-180-SSO-B,GV-SCT-180-SSO-G,GV-SCT-180-SSO-O

2.    1.8ml,200pcs/box,10box/case.

3.    Extorsion screw cap, round bottom,self standing.

4.    It is appropriate for saving frozen storage samples in liquid nitrogen;

5.    The cover features a silicone ring to ensure sealing of the sample in the centrifugal and transportation process;

6.    The variety of colors makes it more quickly and easily to distinguish samples;

7.    The design of the bottom of the tube makes it easy upright on the desktop.

8.    The color of screw cap is optional. Blue,red,yellow,green,orange.